21 mai 2020

Anzor Alem biography



Anzor Alem, by his real Rashid Alema anzor born on 04/04/2001 in Kisangani. Resident in the Rdcongo, precisely in the city of Lubumbashi, Anzor comes from a family of 4 whose family he was born, and for that he wanted it is launched in the musical career and cinematic artist for more information viewed my Facebook page where my official Twitter account blog anzor alem of ​​mom Amida shabani and her father fiston alema Anzor has four sisters ellda alema and Francine alema grew up in kaleja a rhythmic commune called terraces which is also the seat of the legendary tbb Musica empire group which would make anzor the desire to become a professional musician actor later Having been raised in a Muslim family he began to sing on the street During his childhood anzor alem was extremely shy because of his afro-pop afrobeat which can still be heard in some of his songs. Anzor first contact with music was made in the years 2014 2015 by going to the village during the holidays and observing traditional groups From there he begins to be drawn to the drum an attraction that grows in Lubudi and will cause the anzor to be expelled from the class often because there is too much noise trying to play on his table By following his mother on the market he developed his quality as a singer

From 2015 to 2016 he joined various street groups from mutshatsho clan and empire tbb Succes Fraternité Musica cinema and Nouvelle Alliance and with childhood friends such as adi mpoyi hans Kabwit tshinoka sangabo future drummer of the group empire TBB and empire gang future actor of TBB Musica tokoss empire Over time he gained experience with appropriate instruments and his reputation as a singer dancer tbb is increasingly high at street level. Following its signature with the Ikea label! Music in 2017 and the release of a single from his accompaniment group in the meantime he begins recording his first international single and reveals in May 2017 on Instagram that the Congolese artist Thoma and himself will be in featuring for his future single He is a member of the jury of the tokoss boys show has an incredible talent during his first 1 seasons 2017 2018 In April 2018 he published on Youtube the anthem of okaa! Music, sung by itself in preparation for the okaa campaign Music in the DRC And the following month he participated in the 2nd single from Congolese rapper Thoma on the title champion mukwata On April 20 2015 adi mpoyi director general of the okaa music label who signed anzor alem on this label left Tokoos boy Music congo to create and chair the empire gang RDC label with the empire tbb Music congolais group. Consequently anzor is now affiliated with the wiz boy and no longer with tokoss boy In November 2020 he organized a tour of Provence with his empire tbb orchestra in the cities of lubumbashi lushi Dego and bukavu city in which he will be received by the actor alfrede He is also received at home by the Congolese rapper wiz boy with whom they announce a featuring At the end of April a collaboration was announced with toma the latter released an extract on his Instagram page and extracts from the shooting of the clip were put online
Their collaboration comes out on May 5 it's the 1st single contraction of lubumbashi and Bé lair The clip is available on April 04 on the occasion of his birthday. The single was certified single gold on May 16 2018 by tbb On April 7 2019 the second single tourbillon was released an acoustic song by first by adi mpoyi then by wiz boy. of the song was filmed between dego and lubumbashi On October 01 2019 the third single entitled Elle a moi preorder is released on digital platforms. After having produced Libre Parcours the first single from his accompanying orchestra he is producing this time. The single is released on June 01 2019 June 02 2017 releases the 4th single I know it tonight containing a cover of a guitar played Meanwhile on June 22 2019 Anzor was to perform at La Cigale to present his first and new international single but the concert is canceled by the following Dego Police Prefecture The entire proceeds of the concert were to be donated to tokoss boy to combat chronic child malnutrition in Africa Tokoss was released on July 7
2018 under the Congolese tbb label tokoss boy music group Tokoss is the 100 th in the world of urban music The album consists of 18 tracks with a very varied range of styles from R&B to Afropop including rumba and rap. For this very open first project he invites singers from all backgrounds like







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